I sit here desiring to write something light and witty about my time learning at The Schoolhouse Expo….  and I am feeling neither light nor witty.  Life has been rather chaotic, and overwhelming the last week.  I find myself counting the days until they will be releasing the MP3′s of the conference so that I can slowly go over each morsel of information.  There was so much shared, on so many different topics, that I can not even connect the dots right now.

Last week, my oldest child turned 16.  I wrote to him that no matter what happens in life, he needed to remember that his GOD was bigger than it all.

These words, in conjunction with a devotion from Deborah Wheuler last week, at the Expo,  have been “rattling” around in my head.   Deborah talked about hungering and thirsting for our Lord, and being rooted daily in the Word, is where we need to be….

So………  that is what I am telling myself.  Be hungry and thirsty for God….. read His word through the day.  Pray without ceasing, all the while remembering that my GOD is BIG!….  and now I am going to, in the words of Elizabeth Elliot,  “do the next thing on my list”, and let God take care of the rest.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! We will be releasing the recordings at the end of May. I really love Deb's devotions and I was very inspired by her message. Blessings to you!

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