Wednesday Wisdom

Alrighty…  here are some things that I learned that made me feel real dumb, after I knew them.  I walked around for a long time not knowing some of them…. and it was embarrassing to be the one people were laughing at…..

I hope these things help you so you will not “know” something in the future.

1.  Pink Floyd is NOT someones name.  It is a band name. I knew it was a band, but I thought it was named after a single person.  Not so.

2. I had heard the name Cruella Deville for years in the Disney Movie.  I was 34 when I realized it was spelled de Vil….. and even then the fact that it was DEVIL was not plain to me.  It is now.

3.  A few years ago, we got a new microwave.  I thought it was saying “food 15 ready”, every time it beeped to say the food was done. It made absolutely no sense to me, but hey, maybe it did to the folks that made the  microwave….. A few months ago…. it dawned on me, the 15 was digital for IS… it was saying “food is ready”….

4.  The Beach Boys song is NOT Bop~a~Ran…… “Ba~Ba~Ba~……  Ba~ Bop~aRaahn….” … no… it is Barbra Ann…… yeah… I felt dumb.  Real dumb….  I will not tell you how long I sang it wrong.

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