PG Key~ Product Review

This is an amazing little piece of hardware, you never knew you needed, (well maybe you did…) and in this day and age, will not want to live without.
PhotobucketLet me introduce you to the PGKey.  The Keyware Corp in Arizona, has managed to provide an amazing piece of monitoring hardware for your computer, it is easy to use, and requires NO annual or monthly fees.
When this product arrived for review…. I read the box….  and then I started to get excited…  I started to feel like Jane Bond…. my inner spy was completely enthralled with the claims this product was making……..The box made some amazing claims.  I was looking forward to putting this baby to the test.
  • Have you ever wished you could “see” what the kids actually were doing on the computer… not just the web history in your browser? This product provided a DVD like playback system where you can view all the places a protected user has been.
  • Have you ever wished that you had a monitoring system that would disable your computer if they tried to pull it out? You decide when to allow access to the computer.  If you take the PGKey out, the computer can not be accessed without the key and your password.  If someone attempts to take it out while in use.  It will freeze access, and be disabled till you return with the password.
  • Do you long for Internet searches without the risk of stumbling onto offensive photos, or websites? In partnership with Google, PGKey has created a filtered search engine that automatically blocks undesired content from ever showing up.
  • Worried about cyber-bullying?  Wish you could record BOTH sides of chat conversations? Do your kids keep changing their passwords, in an attempt to hide things from you?  Just another one of the benefits of the DVD playback.  You can see emails, chats, anything that was viewed by that user.  No need to have their password.  If they view it, you can too.
If you answered yes to even one of these questions, the PGKey will be worth the investment.  It costs $49.99 and if you purchase direct from the website they charge $8.95 shipping, for a total of $58.94.  It is also available through Amazon, and this month will be available in an Office Max store near you.  They even have a free trial offer!
My PGKey experience:

The very next morning after receiving this little package of love, I was up and at the computer before the kids…. I plugged in the PGKey into the USB port… and picked a password…. and that was it.  Installation began.  It took me maybe 30 Minutes to pick out the websites I wanted to block, add our favorites list to the Key, and set my email notifications up.  I played around with the DVD like video play back and saw my activity setting up the key right on a little screen…. it was really cool.
I was feeling really, really proud of my sneaky little self.
Later that same day, I had to leave the house for an appointment. I had tested the PGKey… it had sent me and email notifying me that I had used the blocked words in a search.  I knew I had picked a website that my son loves to go to, I was confidant I was going to get an email alerting me he was playing on the computer when he should have been doing school.  See, in my house…. when momma cat is away…. the mice play… I knew I had laid the perfect trap!
When I got home there was no email.  I was feeling very proud of my children for being obedient and not playing games on the computer……….  Alas, my joy was short lived…..  my oldest came in and snitched on himself.  He asked me why the computer wouldn’t let him go to his game site.  This got me thinking…. He admitted trying to go there, but I didn’t get an email….. hmmmmmmm. 
The product worked.  It blocked his access.  He could not get on that site, no matter how many times he tried.  The play back option the product provides, indeed captured him typing in the game site into the secure web browser…. but no email… weird.
I figured my happy lil spy self messed something up, so I sent an email to the company’s customer service department to ask for help.  They replied very promptly, and were very patient with my questions. Turns out, I did not add every possible choice of words to my blocked list….  that was part of it… I had Addicting Games…. I should have added addictinggames to my blocked words list also….  The second cause for the lack of email notification was the dreaded drop down menu on search engines.  If my son were to type “add” into the search engine… it was likely addictinggames would drop down as a choice.  If he never finished typing the word and clicked the drop down choice…. I wouldn’t get the notification.
Needless to say…. this was just a minor glitch in my opinion….. the main components of the PGKey worked like a charm.  He was never allowed access to the website I blocked, and the playback feature caught every move he made.  I watched lots of YouTube clips of his favorite video games… (sigh).   I also told him to go ahead and try to hack his way around the safety features….  He was unable to get around them.  My daughter liked the fact that if she searched for something through the PGKey safe search, she didn’t have to be bombarded with unwanted images, or vulgar websites.   When my son, a night owl, wants to be on the computer late into the night, I can go to bed knowing he is protected.  The next day, I can open a screen and see exactly what he did.  I don’t have to wonder what places he may have visited, the emails he may have sent, or who he chatted with.  It is all visible with a click and a password.
I wholeheartedly recommend this product to absolutely everyone.  It should be used by everyone with a child, not just homeschoolers.  It is incredibly easy to use, and the peace of mind you are able to have for only $50, is well worth every penny. 
As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was sent a PGKey by Keyware Corp. free of charge.  This unit was provided in exchange for my opinion of their product.

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