Wednesday Wisdom

as I was trying to dig out the avalanche of clothing from the little boys room….  I came across a pair of Hunter’s pants that Jeremiah the gum maven left his mark on.  There was this big black blob stuck to the knee of one of the new hole free pants.

I walked to the kitchen and tried ice….  didn’t work so good.

Then I was trying to just pick at it…  and I got to thinking how I wished this was silly putty because I could use Rubbing Alcohol and it would just dissolve….

And then I thought, well what do I have to lose by just trying the alcohol… so I used a q-tip and put some on…  it didn’t dissolve.  I was getting a little depressed.  I soaked it again….. and headed back to the bathroom to pick at it some more….  it lifted RIGHT OFF!…  it released the sticky from the denim…

Yippie…  pants saved from doom!

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