The Lovely Lady

After nearly freezing to death outside the Times Square studio of Good Morning America, descending into the warmth of the Subway was as comforting and welcoming as a hug.

We made our way over to Battery Park to catch the ferry that would take us to the lovely green lady.  I do not remember Castle Clinton at all from my first visit to New York when I was 18, so seeing it this time was a fresh new experience.  I really am a history nerd, and being able to touch something that was built in 1812 to keep out the British, well it is just stinkin’ cool!  I get all lost in my thoughts, wondering what the walls would say if they could talk.  What if I were able to see images, like videos in my head, of what the building has seen over it’s nearly 200 years of existence, by just touching the stones…..  yeah, old stuff geeks me out.

We took over 200 pictures just leading up to, on, and around Liberty Island. (Don’t worry, I won’t post them all.)   I am very glad to have these little SD cards in cameras now….  I shudder to think of how many rolls of film I would have needed.

We spent at least an hour taking pictures at the base of the statue, and facing the NY skyline.  Our kids were even asked by this group of Japanese tourists to pose in a picture with them.  They told us they were so cute and funny running around that they just wanted to take their picture. 

We tried to go in the statue, and that was when we realized there was a difference in the tickets.  We knew there were specific tickets needed to get in the crown, but there are also specific ones even to get into the Pedestal.  So make sure you buy the right tickets when you go!

We wandered around, gawked at the OCC Liberty bike that is encased in glass, and hit the gift shop.  Soon we were loaded up on the ferry again, and off to Ellis Island.

I wonder what it was like to be an emigrant and see her for the first time…….

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One thought on “The Lovely Lady

  1. Sister… I love these photo's Especially the nyc sky line, the one with Brent Tay and I, Jama's face, the jumping ones, the sister one… ok I like them all!!

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