Organization…. how you elude me!

Ever look around your house and see piles?

Piles that are sub-classified?  Piles that should be charged rent?  Piles that require their own zip code?

Piles, that by looking at them, you know what is IN them?

yeah… me too….

Looking around my house I have an unsettled, antsy feeling…  as if there is much work to do, and none of it is getting done.  A large part of that, is me.  I let some of the disciplines that we use as a family, to keep focused, fall by the way side.  It has resulted in me expecting the kids to continue with their chores without being told, and the kids not doing anything because no one told them…..  lack of communication much?

So, being determined to get back on top of things….. I walked over to the pile by my desk and pulled out my chore binder.  It has all the basic areas of the house listed, and what is required to keep it clean.  We divide up the areas between us all, and that is your job for 2 weeks.

I put the areas on 3×5 cards…. and made some up for the extra work we can do on Fridays to be ready for the weekend.

Everyone gets a calendar for the chores that aren’t on the cards.  Like dishes, and feeding the varmints, practicing the musical instrument you are paying to take lessons of…. these such things  :)

They refer back to the binder, which is rather detailed, to see how they need to clean their spot.

Here is the envelopes that will keep track of the chores, so if there is an area that is falling behind, we ( mommy and daddy) can look and see who needs extra encouragement.

I will keep you posted on how it works, or how badly it is rebelled against….

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2 thoughts on “Organization…. how you elude me!

  1. I have become very disorganized over Christmas and it is making me very ansty! So my next goal now is to attack the house one room at a time and get things done. (starting with the classroom!)

    Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

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