Tayler’s view of Ellis Island ~ a Photo Essay

As we left Liberty Island, Jeremiah was freezing cold.  So I bundled him up into his moby wrap so I could wear him, and not hold up the forward momentum of our group. 

He took all of about 30 seconds to fall soundly asleep.

We got to Ellis Island, and he was still pretty crashed and when he woke up…  he was crabby and starving. 
So…  I handed over the Nikon ( or as the kids like to call it, the sixth child.) to Tayler and let her explore and shoot pictures….

What follows is an anthology of Ellis Island through the very keen eye of a 15 year old.

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4 thoughts on “Tayler’s view of Ellis Island ~ a Photo Essay

  1. That is so cool. Tayler seems to quite a talented eye for photography. Her pictures look very professional. Maybe a future career in photography.

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