How goes the chores?

Well we are in week two of the new chore schedules and routines.  Last night we held an impromptu family meeting over dinner to discuss how we felt things were going. 

I gave the group a 50% improvement rating…  My oldest son, asked for it to be 60%, and my daughter thought we rated a 40%…..  somewhere in there is probably the true answer as to the improvement on getting our tasks done every day.

We discussed the fact that the kitchen table has been taken hostage by school computers, books and papers, and we resolved to make an extra effort to reclaim the territory for dinner time.

Everyone also mentioned that bedrooms were very out of control….  they all sort of look like a tornado has ripped through them and we are waiting for the FEMA management team to show up and do the work.   I told them that we are going back to Zones in the rooms…….  even me.  ( my room is the tornado headquarters!)   The mention of Zones precipitated large sighs, and great amounts of Eye Rolling…. but they know we need a simple way to get back on top of our house.

Zones?  What are Zones?  They are the way we break up a bedroom ( or house ) to keep it clean.  It is a method of cleaning that is presented by the FLYlady .  I have crash landed more than I have flown, but I don’t beat myself up for it, I just get back too it when I know I need too.
Our bedroom Zones are done for only 15 minutes a day. 
Each person is required to straighten ( make) their bed everyday, and bring out their dirty laundry before school.
Zone 1 ~ Closet.  Zone 2~ Floor.  Zone 3~ Dresser.  Zone 4~ Bed ( strip sheets and replace). Zone 5~ Personal Choice day.
Once a week they need to vacuum and dust their room.

It only works if you can envision the result and not get discouraged by the work in progress.  Maybe I will take a picture of the boys’ room, or even mine ( aack!…  talk about accountability!)  and show you how it works over time…

So that is how it’s going….  we are just plugging along…  How are the chores going at your house?

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One thought on “How goes the chores?

  1. Good on you for having a go at FLYlady! I got on to her site a few years ago, and although I usually fall short, I've learnt to manage much better. Her mantra about 'hot spots' always rings true in the mornings. :)

    My diary has the zones written in for each week, and if I go online on the weekend to see the schedule, I'll write in the tasks ahead of time.

    With the children, making mini-zones in their bedrooms seems to help. Eg: this week we're tidying those drawers, next week would be the closet …

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