Dresser Day

You know I am only doing this in the name of science….

Or maybe the name of camaraderie….because I know there are other people who live this same cluttered existence….and want out, and have no idea how to do it.

Certainly not in the name of good sense.  No one in their right mind would admit that this is what their dresser looks like… let alone post pictures of it on the Internet….. 

But. ( and I have a big one )

I need accountability.  Without it…. this is the dirty little mess I turn into…

I become a little baby hoarder.  Just one great life tragedy away from living in one big pile….  separated by lots of tiny little walkways.
I spent most of my day, ignoring the fact that I needed to clean my dresser today.  I walked in the room three different times to start, and promptly left in the name of procrastination.

Finally, when school was done for the day… and I could no longer justify the procrastination…  I got the camera, and forced myself it take a picture of this horrid-ness.  The click of the shutter signified the commitment to get it done…. I certainly wasn’t going to post something with out an after picture!

Really, I think it looks worse in digital than in real life.  uggh.?

After 15 minutes….  I was able to see the top of the dresser, and close the drawer.?  Well, maybe 20 minutes after I walked a few things back to their rightful homes.

I found lots of interesting things in there… 2 baby teeth, from which child?  I don’t know.  Those remotes were buried in the drawer. There was my daughters reading glasses, post it notes, envelopes, two journals ( musta lost one in the mess…lol ) and we will not discuss the dehydrated carrot…. the best surprise was the $155 cash that has probably been hiding in the drawer since last Christmas.  Merry Christmas to me!!

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One thought on “Dresser Day

  1. It's funny that you found money after you cleaned out that drawer. I was listening to a declutter call-in just this morning by Shelley of One Roast Vegetable and she said that once you declutter a space in your home, you will definitely find money. Amazing, huh?

    Anyway, I dropped by from the TOS Crew to let you know that your blog is included in the Blog Walk on Jan 24 – 28, 2011.

    God bless you!


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