Blog Walk Week 12 ~ Jan 17- 21, 2011

Blog Walks are fun.
I get to stop by and meet all sorts of new folks without even leaving the kitchen.
where I am warm…
and have an endless supply of coffee……..

Here are the TOS Homeschool Crew Members that are on this week’s blog list.  Take the time to stop by, read…. and follow some of them

1. Learning Legacy
a look into the life of homeschooling 4 kids grades 5-12
2. The Blessings Pour Out
Fun, Farm, Family….  seriously check this blog out.  You have to see the Free E-books from Kaplan.  iT’s only an offer good till January 17th… so get over there and check it out!
3. Taylor’s Mark Orthodox Academylots of great product reviews here!
4. A Day in the Life
Ha!  The title made me smile.  I have a second blog with the same name!  Homeschooling mom of 5 Great blog, there is a new addition to the family…. and he’s CUTE!
5. Pecan Prairie
Homeschooling Mom of 2…..  great Reviews.
6. Musing Gracegreat little blog… homeschooling mom of 6… ( ack… i think i just choked on my coffee)   lots of pearls of wisdom here!
7. Milk and Honey Mommy
Recipies, photography, homeschooling….  lots of things to get lost in over here.  And her kids are way cute!
8. Adventures in Unsell Land!Homeschooling mom of 6….  the women who do these 6+ kid families, well I am in awe of them.  Lots of great reviews here of books and such.  She homeschools through the pain of Fibromaylgia…  lots to learn here!
9. Modest Mama
mom of 4 little bundles of preciousness.  We share an addiction with Pelleorino Water….  I can tell we are going to be great friends.
10. Orange Marmalade MamaHomeschooling mom of 5….  lots of keepin it real posts.  One of her weekly wrap up posts for November, almost made me blow coffee out of my nose.  It is good to know, other people have those days too!

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