Ellis Island ~ Julie’s Photos

Mercy…( read that with a Steel Magnolias drawl )

I knew I was behind on the NYC posts, but really?

I had no earthly idea I was still on day TWO!  yeesh.

My last post was of Tayler’s view of Ellis Island…  today I will show you the point and shoot version… cuz that is the camera I had …

You can’t look at the floors, walls and doors, without asking yourself, who was here before me?  Did they come alone, or bring their family?  What were their hopes and dreams…..

It is very hard for me to put the time spent on Ellis Island into words.  I do wish we spent a whole day there.  I have a feeling that this national treasure is overshadowed by her harbor mate the Lady Liberty.  There is so much to see, and explore.  I feel like we really didn’t even nick the surface of what Ellis Island had to offer.
The history here, still breathes…
It walks and talks.
We are the descendants of those who came.

If I am blessed enough to return to New York, I will spend more time here, wandering the halls, listening to the whispers of time.  Imagining what it would be like to come to this very place, after a journey across the sea. 

If you are really quiet, you can still hear the buzz of hope, that those who crossed the ocean had, just to be in a land where absolutely anything is possible.

I really may never finish with Day Two of the trip.  As I was going through the pictures there are at least  a few more posts to devote to this day.  It was probably our longest and most eventful day.

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