Battery Park

In front of us is an imposing sky line.

Jody and Hunter sit on the life vest box near the bridge, and marvel at how big it is. I don’t know what they talked about, or even if they talked at all….. but it was really cool for me to turn and see a dad’s arm around his son just taking in the view.

To the rear of the boat Jeremiah sat on the railing, and we watched the setting sun and an ever shrinking Lady Liberty.

We left the ferry and harbor behind and began to head back to the South Ferry Subway Station, we walked through Battery Park.  I always thought Battery Park a frightening place.  I had heard stories of it being a place where there were lots of killings, and homeless people.  Maybe I just watch to many true crime shows, and they mess with my head.  Regardless, walking through the park shattered any preconceived notions I may have had.  It was a pleasure to walk through.

 The park gained its name because this southern tip of Manhattan used to house Dutch, British and finally American artillery batteries.  They were responsible for guarding the settlements behind them from any infiltration into New York Harbor.  With this rich military history, it is not surprising that this park is home to two different memorials to fallen war heroes.  Above is the Universal Soldier.  He is there to commemorate the Korean war, the 22 flags at his base, honor the allied countries that were involved.

 Here is the eagle that stands at the helm of the East Coast Memorial.  He looks out to the Atlantic and over the 4,069 names, that are inscribed on eight, 19 foot high granite walls.  Each one of those names, belonged to a son, husband or father that died in the western coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean during WWII. 

Standing there, looking out into the harbor, past the names of those men.  It is impossible to not be moved by the totality of their sacrifice for the country in which we live.

Almost to the ferry building, we ran into this little gem.  We started cracking up!  The day before Thanksgiving and you find a turkey running loose in New York City?  It was too good to be true!  We warned her to run. It was dangerous to be out so near Thanksgiving….

 Despite the heavy caution from both Jody, Tayler and me, that turkeys are mean little buggers, and equipped with some serious talons….  and that they will turn and chase you and fly at your head….  my nephew Brandyn, had to chase it.  Then Auntie Maymee got in on the action…. 

I was doing some research for the post and came across a small link on Zelda, the turkey in Battery Park.  I guess I should update Wikipedia and let them know she is still alive and well as of November 2010.

No, I am still not done with day two…
Next up, Jeremiah gets his wish & Buses and Balloons.
Then I will be done with day two.
I hope……

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