Have I got a Treasure for YOU!

I am so excited!

I have barely been able to contain myself from talking about this book before it was time!
I have been wandering around my house with hundreds of blog post ideas rattling around in my head… so frustrated  that I couldn’t just sit down and tell you all about the wonderful book I have been reading.  I have learned so much, it has been really hard not to share with you as I was learning….

This is my first official post as a Gabby Mom.  (This is the spot where my mom, when she read this, is going to roll her eyes and say…”They got that right!”)


The Gabby Moms, are a review team made up of moms just like me, sponsored by Eternal Encouragement (formerly TEACH Magazine ).  Our goal is to share with you, products that teach, challenge, and inspire you to be a better wife and mother, and make the keeping of your home a priority.  Take the time to stop by http://www.homemakingwithteach.com/ and discover the treasures it contains.

Isn’t it purddy?  This nugget of wonderment arrived for me just after Christmas.  It brightly declared “Merry Christmas” handwritten on the outside of the package and when I opened it….  there was this book tied with a ADORABLE bow!  The pretty and friendly packaging had me ready to pour a cup of tea and settle down in the recliner for an hour or ten.

Do not be deceived by the pretty cover, it isn’t a book for the faint of heart. Prepare to spend an afternoon hunting for the secret video cameras they have hidden in your kitchen.  You know, the ones that told them exactly the things to write, that would speak straight to your heart.  This book contains 101 pages of laughter, tears, conviction, inspiration, and endless encouragement.  Every single article I read, led me to examine my own heart before God, in the areas of homemaking, motherhood, parenting, and to be honest with myself about the condition of my marriage.

True Treasures is a compilation of over 10 years of wisdom, previously published in TEACH Magazine and presented by Lorrie Flem, Editor of :

The book is divided into 6 chapters that provide much food for thought…..

…. and this is the part I have been DYING to tell you about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jewels that make the Heart Sparkle, focuses on you and your attitude, distractions, and worries as a mom, homemaker, and helper to your husband.  Are you letting God mold and shape you?  Do you create a peaceful home?  I don’t know about you, but my home……… um….  peaceful would NOT be a word that I would use to describe it!…. It is more like one nano second from implosion!  The twelve articles in this section were convicting and inspiring.  Never once did I feel like I was being preached to by the authors.  They were transparent, honest and real, sharing from their own personal experiences.  Everything I read spoke straight to my heart, and inspired me to make my home my priority.

  • Marriages of Solid Gold, speaks to that relationship with that guy…….. um….  you know, the one you are married to… what do they call those again…. oh yeah, a husband!  You know, the one that you expect to be a grown up and just realize that you have kids to take care of, a house to clean, meals to cook…. can’t he just grow up and deal with it? Oh, you have had thought that too?  Glad I am not alone…..  This section addresses those very conversations we have with ourselves.  It encouraged me to make my husband and his preferences a priority.  There are practical ideas on how to implement a heart attitude of submission.  These articles were a good swift bop on the head!

  • Parenting Pearls: Practical and Priceless, addresses the heart with which we view our children.  It even addresses the days that you would like to place them in a box and mail them to Siberia.  These humorous and poignant offerings, gently remind us of what a treasure our children are.  It is full of encouragement to shepherd your children;  to lead, and be purposeful, to positively discipline, not rashly, and reactively hand down punishment.  Don’t forget to hang the Bible Verses to Pray for your Children, somewhere on your bathroom mirror…. or consider having them tattooed to the inside of your eyelids… I don’t know… but for sure, READ THEM. They are good stuff!

  • Homemaking that Dazzles Like Diamonds:   Can I just be real with you for a moment?  I can?  Good.  I am a lousy housekeeper.  There.  I said it.  Now you know my ugly little secret.  I hope we can still be friends…..       If you are like me and this is an area you struggle with, this is the section of the book you may want to start with.  Camp here.  Listen to the soft, kind, gentle words offered by the authors.  I am thinking of making this part daily reading in my devotion time.  This is an area that God has gently been pressing upon me to make some changes.  If your house suffers from pile-itis like mine does or if your kids have to spend 15 minutes looking for a matching pair of socks in the sock basket like mine do;  this section is for you.

  • Homeschooling Nuggets of Wisdom:  I realize not everyone ‘schools’ their children at home.  If you are one of those who send your children to school outside the home, please do not think that you should skip this section, or that maybe this book isn’t for you.  It still contains valuable encouragement for you.  No matter the physical location of your children for the bulk of a day, as a mommy, your job still involves teaching them.  You still oversee homework, projects, reading lessons, and they just grow up so fast!  This section has practical tips on avoiding burn out, how to make learning fun, and taking things one day (sometimes one moment) at a time.

  • Godly Living that Glitters, speaks to Godly principles that we should be implementing in our lives every day.  How are you doing with Forgiveness and Contentment?  ….Yeah, I’m not doing so well either.  How about your daily conversations with God?  Do you chat with Him during the day, and not just when you are tucking the kids into bed?   Does your life radiate Serenity? (choke, cough, gag ) How are you doing with Anger, or Worry?  If any of my aforementioned questions made you cringe ( like they did me as I typed them…)  encouragement awaits you in this section.  I have re-read this section several times, ….. very slowly….., because I am thick headed……it is starting to sink in.

True Treasures is available for $19.97 through HomemakingWithTEACH.com.  It is one of many books offered in Lorri’s Library, that are full of practical inspiration for moms.  It would make a wonderful gift, for just about any mom you may know that is breathing and/or can get 50 things done before she even gets a shower.  Hey, Valentines Day is coming…..  maybe the hubster could get you this instead of some flowers…..

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Because we are friends…. and I am nice like that, I have a coupon for you! 

Until May 31, 2011 you may use the code: GabbyMom at check-out, and receive $4 off your copy of True Treasures. (one coupon per customer and per order)

****Disclaimer: aka: the legal mumbo jumbo****
For the purpose of this review, I received a copy of True Treasures, free of charge, from TEACH Magazine.  It came as the first monthly mission for The Gabby Moms review team.  Absolutely everything that I gushed about in the above review, is my honest opinion.  Nobody slipped anything into my kool-aid.  I promise.

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12 thoughts on “Have I got a Treasure for YOU!

  1. I NEED this book! Thank you for sharing! And, no matter what your 'faults', I still love ya! And, believe me- being on the opposite end aka controlling clean freak? It's just as ugly- there HAS to be a happy medium right?

  2. Hi Julie,

    What a delightful post! I'm glad that little pilll I slipped in your Kool Aid when you weren't looking worked. :)

    It tickles me that you like the book and more than that, that it has given you how to's and inspiration. We met our goal!

    Under the Shadow of His Wings,

  3. Fellow Gabby mom, new follower & also have my own blog titled "A day in the life…" :) Loved reading your review, such an inspirational book full of wisdom for us wives & mothers. God Bless!

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