Blog Walk Week 14 ~ Jan 31- Feb 4

Late much?
Only two weeks behind….. yeesh.

Well better late than not at all I suppose… 
Get your coffee, and get ready to meet some amazing folks that work with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew!

1. Homeschooling In Nova Scotia, Canada
Lots of great reviews are up on this blog.  As the title suggests they live way up north in a far colder land than mine. They have a 50 Acre wood ( slightly smaller than Winnie the Pooh, but really who cares..)  She is a Work at Home Mom, that homeschools.  A fellow FLYer, and Workbox user.  Lots of great information here

2. Clever Title TBA
I know how that goes… you want to write a blog and you get stumped by the title!  I love this mom’s solution to that!  A mom of 4 from Middle School down to new fresh and snugly, she shares with us reviews, and sweet childhood moments with her Tiny Talk Tuesday participation.

3. Until the Day Dawn Weblog
Very well written posts, by a mom of three.  This blog truly captures her passions.  There are great reviews and you will learn much about her faith, family, and homeschool when you visit.

Stay at Home Mom of 4, her days are full of fun.  Her youngest child is just precious.  With a face like that, you know you are in from some adventures with that child! Great reviews and information for those with children in the younger Elementary years.

5. Smooth Stones Christian
Wow.  This family is a must read. All their children are adopted, so far they have 6.  They are now on a journey to adopt 2 more daughters.  Through it all they homeschool, and share lots of love, and the light of Christ.

6. Clothesline Musings
This is a blog I have been following for awhile.  Stay at home mom of 3, she does a great job on reviews and always seems to have a pile of laundry like I do. :)   They have a pioneer night, that is lots of fun to read about.

7. Four Little Penguins
This family of 6 has you guessed it, four little penguins.  The header pictures are candid and full of personality.  I am sure that quiet moments in that house are few and far between.  I can relate to that! Great information for the early Elementary years, she is homeschooling Pre-K through 3rd grade right now.  Go refill your beverage, and get lost over here for a bit.

8. Laurie’s School Days
Mom of two adorable girls, shares her reviews and other quiet moments.  She has this fish feeder thing on her sidebar, that is absolutely mesmerizing….

9. Sunshine to Flowers
6 great kids, all of whom are exceptional artists.Lots of Photos.  Information from Middle School on down.  I loved the snack her daughter made for her.  It absolutely made me smile!

10. One Big, Healthy Family
This one I am positive I am going to be following.  Goat kids in the house, chickens running around…. I have lived these types of days….  minus the chickens… but Goats for sure…. I am interested to go back and see how she uses Herbs and such…  My daughter will like it too… Herbs are her passion

Enjoy meeting these great people.  Don’t forget to leave them a comment or two.  It is nice to hear from the lurkers :)

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