Blog Walk Week 15~ Feb 7-11

Slowly I crawl to catch up.
Yesterday was week 14….  today week 15…
and when this weeks list comes out, maybe I’ll get it up before Easter…LOL

Everyone have their blog walking beverage?
Ready. Set.

1. Heritage Homestead and Homeschool Academy
The first thing that greets me from this blog is the happy pink and green circles…  they are so refreshing :)
There is lots here.  Mom of 4, 1 with special needs, there is much wisdom and sharing on this blog.  There is a tenderness to know the mind of Christ in raising all of her children.  Oh, and she has written a novel.  Wow!

2. The McClanahan 7
 I am enjoying getting to know this homeschool mom.  We will be working together on some TOS projects for you all, so stay tuned to hear more about that…  She makes cakes…. and WOW!  the recipe for chicken chili made me drool.

3. The Happy Homeschool Mom
Mom of 6 with #7 on the way any time now….  ( I think I am tired just thinking about that many kids!)  Mom’s of big families like this just amaze me.  Lots to read and explore with this great family.  Information from about Middle School on down. 

4. Books \’n Other Stuff
Widowed Stay at home Mom, of 3 boys.  Reading the story of her Husband brought tears to my eyes.  She shares her passion for books, especially children’s literature with us on her blog.  Her life is about perseverance, and the all sufficiency of Christ.

5. The Midlife Housewife
Ok.. the title alone makes me smile.  The first post I read about chickens and the egg falling to the floor, really made me smile…. because I have lived it.  This blog feels cozy, and homey.  The kind of place that you could kick off your shoes, tuck your feet up under you on the couch, and swap stories for awhile.

6. Because of Our Children
Mom of 4 who describes her house as loud, disorganized and always interesting.  Amen!  Mine too! Lots of great reviews and photos to go along with them. 

7. This Day Has Great Potential
Mom of 4, she shares her homeschool adventure with us all.   Great reviews, and everyday life thrown in too.

8. Ladybug Chronicles
Time for a refill…  I’ll wait.  Go fill up your cup.
Now, you are ready to explore this blog.  Curriculum reviews, book reviews, field trips… all here.  Not to mention she has separate photo and card making blogs… wow.  one busy momma!  See, I told you, you needed a refill.

9. Freelance Homeschool Mom
Mom of 2, if you don’t count the furry four footed children.  She is a Walmart-Mom…  I will have to see what that is all about.  I could get into the blogging about Walmart thing.  Check out the Valentine Basket. It is a cute idea!

10. Ben & Me
One of those blogs with an absolutely adorable layout that makes me wish I somehow knew how to do all that /*html*^$* stuff.  Did you know there was such a thing as a Mixing Bowl Academy for kids to learn how to cook?  Me either.  Go check it out on her blog.

Happy reading…  Don’t forget to leave some comments, and let them all know how wonderful they are!

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