Tuesday Trivia

My children and husband are kings of trivia.  Random facts that lie lurking in their brains only to spew forth at the most random of moments.  Me?  not so much… most days I find pleasure in remembering my own name and not calling any of the children by one of the names of our pets….

Oddly enough, most people are impressed by these bits of knowledge.

I thought I would share some trivia with you all on Tuesdays…  sort of a running theme.  Maybe you can share it with your kids, and they can impress Aunt Sally at Easter dinner….  and maybe I will be able to keep up with all the smart people in my family.

In this day in History, February 15:

1764: the city of St Louis, Missouri is established

2005: YouTube was launched in the U.S.

1546: Galileo Galilei was born

1965: Canada inaugurated their national flag.  Today is Flag Day.

Share some of your new found knowledge with your family over lunch or dinner today…

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