Lawyers, Doctors, Divers and Cheeps…. oh my!

Cruising from the office chair, once again, but today with the Hubbster sipping coffee next to me.  I could get used to this… 

Today’s topic is: “What do your children want to be when they grow up and what are you doing to help them pursue their field of interest?”

Evan who is 16 for a few more months, isn’t home this morning so his “what does he want to be” comes from his sister, who he talks to about these things….  My sources tell me that he currently wants to be a lawyer, pastor, music minister, oh… and maybe a software developer.  With no solid landing yet in any one area,  we currently let him explore the things that interest him….  If he is on fire to learn more about government…. we give him things like that to read or research….  He has started taking more music classes, and wants to take voice lessons….  We just try to give him the space to investigate all the possible jobs from all sides…

Tayler, she is 15.  She wants to be a doctor, paramedic, farm/ranch (a “franch” she called it..) owner, a missionary, and maybe a zoo owner.  We encourage her by letting her keep Noah’s ark at our house….  She also helps out our friends with their farm work whenever she can.  She knows how to vaccinate animals and clip pig teeth, and help goat babies come into the world.  She is an amazing goat and pig wrangler…  I have seen her chase a 300 lb pig and win.  In her pursuit of medicine, she really likes to study how Herbs work in our bodies to help us naturally.  She has mentioned becoming a doctor of natural medicine.  For missions, we have been on a trip to Mexico, and I think our church will be going on another one in a year, so we will attend that also.  If she wanted to move to a different country ranch alpacas, tell people about Jesus, and grow herbs to help treat sicknesses, at 17…  I’d be ok with that. 

Hunter who is 8, states he would like to be an underwater welder.  This is news to me.  I have no earthly idea how in the world to encourage that one…. Maybe help him practice holding his breath for long periods of time???  Time to get investigating…

Jeremiah, my lovely 3 year old for only a few more weeks, proudly declared that when he grewed up he wants to be a “fyah cheep”.  Fire Chief, I can do.  We will start investigating all the fire truck we see when we are out running errands.

Don’t forget to click on the big ship at the top, to check out what the kids of other homeschoolers want to be when they grow up, and how they are helping them be whatever God has designed them to be.
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3 thoughts on “Lawyers, Doctors, Divers and Cheeps…. oh my!

  1. To get a welding degree from college, believe it or not I hear is 4 years!!! Welding can't be that hard can it LOL I understand underwater welding pays very very very well. Guess you can start your welder out soldering, like stain glass work. Gotta have a fine eye and a steady hand.

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