To busy to Expo? Get it to go!

I heard you wanted to go to the Schoolhouse Expo but May 16th -20th are busy days for you…..

Maybe it’s Aunt Margret’s annual visit is that week or you have a root canal scheduled or something….

Since the creators of the Schoolhouse Expo are busy mom’s like you, they know things come up and life happens and sometimes you can’t possibly glue yourself to a computer for a week….  they have come up with a perfect solution.

They want homeschool parents everywhere to be able to benefit from:

  • Learning how to Teach a Timed Essay, by Kim Kautzer (  I don’t know about you but I don’t have a clue how to do that… and I have kids needing to take SAT’s!)
  • Leading with Vision, the Key to Family Unity, by Norm Wakefield.  ( We have teens and younger children and our family starts to feel very scattered sometimes.  I am intrigued to hear what Norm has to say about keeping your family unified.)
  • Devotions with Deborah Wuehler….  ( really these are like a tall glass of water in the middle of the Expo day.  I look forward to these devotions everyday!)

They really don’t want anyone at all to miss out on the great information that is going to be presented. So they came up with Expo to Go!

While I have been blessed to attend every Expo as a live event, I assure you that if there were some compelling family reason that had to keep me from the expo, or if I were a working homeschool parent, I would be buying Expo to Go.

With such busy full days, it is important to take time to recharge our parental batteries.  These recordings will do just that.  You can listen while you do the dishes or vacuum.  You can listen as you walk the dog or work out.  If you work outside the home you could listen during your commute.

Live attendees get these MP3′s also, so I assure you that they are a valuable asset in your homeschool journey.  I have listened to Milia Russell (May 2010) over and over again.  Her two talks on Managing the Multilevel Homeschool, and Teaching the Distractable Child…  both speak straight to my heart.  They help me refocus when I feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done….  They remind me that my duty is to teach and train!  That same Expo is where I met Lee Binz, the Homescholar.  She demystified making a High School transcript…  She stands with you and tells you … YES! You can do it!….  I listen to that MP3 when I am facing a stack of paper 12 inches high and when I am not sure what things I can call a class or not.
From the October 2010 Archives, I listen to John Taylor Gatto. Every. Single. Time… I hear something I missed in the original airing….  Every time I come away galvanized that Home Education is the for sure choice for our family.

I want you to have these great resources at your finger tips from THIS Expo….  and you can for only $19.99.  Make sure you make your reservation for these great MP3′s.

They have even thrown in a few free gifts every one of them something that can help you in your homeschool journey.

To check out the gifts in detail click on the purchase now button.  It will link you to a page that explains the whole Expo To Go concept and links directly to the spot to order your very own Expo to Go.

*A link to download your Free Gifts will be available in your account upon checkout.
**You will receive an e-mail sometime mid-June notifying you when your MP3s will be available for download

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