Blog Walk : Week 17 March 7-11

It is a good thing you all are so patient with me.  I am so seriously behind in my Blog Walk posts!
Today is Saturday, and it is a relaxing day here in my house, maybe in yours too… so grab your blogging beverage of choice and get ready to meet 10 amazing homeschool families.

1. Homeschool Circus ~ I love the monkeys she has on her page!  The big one’s smile reminds me of my own mischievous monkey’s smile.  There are great Lego creations, co-op art, and reviews here on this blog…  stop by for a while and read all about it.

2. Discover Their Gifts ~ She participates in a great little thing called Sketch Tuesday.  It is hosted at a different blog, but you can find out how to join here…  the pictures of her daughters art are just great!

3. The Joys of Homeschooling ~ Mom of 2 there are lots of great reviews on this blog.  Stop on by and say HI!

4. Nicki Black A Mosaic in the Making ~ this is one busy momma….  Take the time to read her “about me” post.  You will learn a lot about what makes her blog so interesting.

5. Ever After… My Way ~ Please, please, please stop by this great blog written by one of my fellow Mini-Crew members.  Come and join her on her journey from Glass slippers to Fuzzy slippers…

6. Created 2B Creative ~ you better refill your blogging beverage before you stop here.  If you are even a teeny tiny bit creative or crafty, you will be in for a long read.  There are some great pictures and ideas all throughout this blog, along with all her great curriculum reviews

7. Wrightsboro Sonrise Center ~ mom of 3 boys, all on the spectrum….  so if you are looking for how a certain curriculum would work with a child within the Autism spectrum, this blog would be a wonderful resource for you.  I know I will be back to this blog to learn more about this great family

8. Knee Deep in Grace ~ #1 I love love love the wet rocks that are her background….  #2  I want red polka dot rain books that look that cute on me….  Her Wordless Wednesday posts are great!  Definitely worth stopping by.

9. Indoor Garden Musings ~ This stay at home mom with 2 children has a great little blog.  There are some really pictures and stories that her kids have done.  Fun with Play dough and Legos….  there are many things to explore.  I like the way she included what her kids thought of all the products that she has used and tested… Even Dad is in on the information :)

10. Mom of Many Bentzs ~ this blog is written by a homeschooling mom of 8! There are lots of great reviews on her page.  They participate in an American Girl club, and lots of the activties look like so much fun! She is a member of the Download N’ Go review team, so if unit studies are something that you want to know more about, make sure you check out this blog.

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