Parade day!!! ~ part one ~

In case you haven’t been keeping track…. We are now on day THREE of our New York City adventure.

Each night we have come back to the hotel, I was absolutely sure my feet were going to fall off and that they were going to be so swollen in the morning that I wasn’t going to be able to stand on them.

Every morning, I would slide out of bed…. and be absolutely amazed that my feet were still attached, no longer swollen, and still working!

Day one was an 11 hour day, Day two was 18 hours, and now we are about to embark on Day three, which will turn out to be a 19 hour day…. ( yes, you may groan in sympathy…)

But I get ahead of myself….  I must start at the beginning.

Up at 4 am…..

Get kids up at 4:30….  we are receiving much resistance today…  they are past the point of caring that there is a parade…. they are exhausted, our sweet cajoling voices are lost on the poor things..

We pry them out of bed by 4:45 slide clothes over their heads and up their legs while they stand there, half comatose….
Prop them up in the elevator, and meet with tour guide barbie in the lobby.

The rush of frozen air as we walk outside is and instant eye opener, and they are awake and ready to go.
The pictures don’t lie.
We were feeding them cookies for breakfast.
Anything to keep them awake.

We were in the Subway so early, the first train we saw was the garbage train!
Out of the Subway we emerge.  Tour Guide Barbie is in speed mode… which means those of us with little ones are just keeping her in sight, and trying to keep up…
The anticipation in the air is tangible….. we are gonna be “In the FRONT row”…. at least that is our goal. because HONESTLY….3 days of starting the day before Dawn… better mean we are going to be in the front row.

We walk around Columbus Circle, and land a spot that is on the Circle, and slightly to the right of the entrance to Trump Hotel and Tower.  We are RIGHT ON THE CURB… the front row baby!

Amy lays out her hotel towel and lays down for a nap… Tour guide Ken (a.k.a. Brent) puts in his earphones and does the same….

 Angelo leans on his mom, and tries to sleep,
poor Jeremiah, bless his bundled up little heart.  He didn’t even complain once.  He just held his little hand warmers and had a great time!
everyone else is just sort of milling around ….  looking at the clock that is above Columbus Circle that reads … 5:40 AM !!%@#!! and wondering what in the WORLD are we possibly going to do in 39 degree weather until 9:00 am when this blessed parade starts. 
Always one to make the best of any situation, even one where hypothermia is a distinct possibility, Auntie Rene takes Jody, Tayler and Brandyn over to find a coffee shop, any coffee shop, that might be open at this inhumane hour, (thank goodness for Starbucks!)  while the rest of us waited and tried to keep the new arrivals out of our “territory”
Not long after they arrived back and distributed the coffee….  Our plan….The plan…. was over ruled…  And my sweet spirited little sister and fearless tour guide….  Wasn’t happy.  At. All. 
(don’t worry…  I won’t leave you in suspense too long….)
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