Happy Anniversary

In a few more days and nine years ago………..
I married my dear husband.
Never once did he promise me the moon, even though he still looks at me like I hung it.
This last year has been one of the most difficult we have faced……even so, we faced it together.
We are learning that our marriage is more than I love yous, and holding hands.  It is steadily learning each other and the investment of time.?  It is a commitment to God that far outweighs the hurts that people can inflict on one another.  It is the act of choosing love and forgiveness above all else.
Thank you honey for all the ways you show me (and the kids) you love me (us): for loving God more than me, for fixing cars, changing light bulbs and killing all the spiders; for fixing skinned knees, and hugging away broken hearts; for carrying little bed bugs into their OWN bed, and for your special brand of tuckin’ time; and for being quick to forgive.
Happy Anniversary Hon…
God loves you, and so do I.
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