Lessons that speak to my heart

Tuesday afternoon was a time of encouragement.  Amidst the  picking teens up from work, driving to practice, and dropping off at driving school, the picking up, and the cooking of dinner, I was able to listen to the March Preshow for the Schoolhouse Expo. 

Now the first preshow is over,  I am walking around ruminating on all of the wonderful nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from the three speakers….

things like………..

  • “It is God’s design to delegate.  He gave Adam the responsibility over the garden, when in His perfectness could have done it all”  ~ Malia Russell
  • “If you run your business (and life) in Crisis Management Mode…. you will end up with blood all over the project…”  ~ Mary Jo Tate

….and the teaching with technology workshop with Terri Johnson??!!………. I was seriously debating the worth of food for the rest of the month vs. one of those new iPad thingys.  ( Don’t worry… food won…)

I am always amazed at how God uses the Expo to gently correct my course. (it happens at EVERY Expo!)  God has been teaching me in the last months that He is a God of order and that my life should reflect that.  Since the first of the year I have felt a little bit busy…pushed….pressed for time…. and at times anxious.  Nothing much had changed in my day to day activities, this was just the underlying chaos that I was feeling.  Do you feel like that too?

Through the words of Malia, and Mary Jo….  God has given me insight into myself and the way that I look at the tasks I need to complete.  Without realising it, I have been operating in crisis mode…. only tackling one project at a time to the exclusion of almost everything else…  Each new project looming, was adding to that soft quiet ticking bomb I could hear in my head…. tick…tick…tick…

Now, it is my turn to prayerfully respond and ask God to help me with these organizational issues.  One by one, in His timing.

The next pre-show is less than a month away….. Tuesday, April 12.  I don’t know exactly who will be speaking yet, but I do know that God will use them in my life to draw me closer to Him, and conform me to the image of His Son. 

I hope you will consider joining the next Expo Pre-Show with your Live Ticket…. and if not live, then please don’t miss out on all this wisdom and encouragement, purchase an Expo to Go.


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