Homeschool Transcripts made easy

Are you freaked out a little bit at the thought of making a transcript for your high school student?

I know I was. 

I mean, I knew I could make one in a spreadsheet, or create one in a word document…… but that takes time.

Time is something I am short on these days.

I didn’t want to have to format, fiddle, rearrange, fiddle, format some more, do the math to make the GPA right…. ugh…  and hope that it looked all nice and professional.   I mean really, let’s face it…. coffee stained, handwritten transcripts are not the things that inspire a college to admit your little genius.

I am excited to tell you about an amazing product that I was privileged to be a beta tester for.


This has to be the greatest thing since parents decided to educate at home.  It is SO easy to use !!

The getting started wizard asks you to name your school, enter the years you are creating a record for, select the grade point values of your letter grades, it gives you a helpful list of possible classes…. or you can just skip the wizard and get right to work setting up the program.

It is easy to add students, classes, subjects, and grades.  You can enter how many credits are needed to graduate your student.  (I found that information out by just searching the Internet for the graduation requirements for my state.)
If your student attends college classes, or takes honors classes, you can weigh those classes more heavily into their GPA….  The program does it all the math for you.  You can enter testing data, extracurricular activities…. and it will all show up on the Transcript.

About half way into the beta testing process, I contacted the developer with a question….  I wondered if we could add some sort of a progressive or projected GPA to the transcript.  You see, in my state homeschoolers are allowed to participate in Public School Sports programs……  but that means they need to have grade check like everyone else does….  Steve Sensenig, the homeschool dad and creator of this program, went right to work adding this progressive feature to My Homeschool Transcripts

Last week,  we were in the school office paying our fees for Softball…..  (she made JV by the way) and the Athletic Director came out and asked if there was a way I could get them Tayler’s grades.  I looked at him and smiled….  “Yes,”  I said.  “I will go home and email them to you this afternoon.”  I got that look, the one that says….  “sure you will, homeschoolers don’t ‘do’ grades”

Thanks to My Homeschool Transcripts, I was able to go home, plug in her 3rd quarter grades and in under 5 minutes I had a PDF transcript to email to the Athletic Director, with her projected GPA right on it.   HA!  It was great ! I felt so smart and organized !

This web-based application has an introductory price of $ 59.00, that is 25% off the regular price of $79.00.  For that price, you receive access to the application for LIFE….  all your kids, for all the years you homeschool…. how nice is that?  Including the 2 I have IN high school, I have 2 more still to go through high school and into college, and My Homeschool Transcripts is going to be there to help me do it !

This program is really worth the investment.  You can’t put a price on peace of mind.  Go and get it now at this great low price!

*** disclaimer***
I received a copy of My Homeschool Transcripts for free in exchange for beta testing the software.  No other compensation has been received.  I was not asked to write a review on this product and have done so of my own volition.  I just think it is a great product and people need to know about it.

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