Hurray! Hurray! It’s May! and the Schoolhouse Expo is on the WAY!

So it’s Sunday… and in my house that translates to a relax day.  There is church in the morning and evening, but in the middle….. it is movies or naps…. 

Today, while the DVD is playing “How to Train your Dragon”  for the 6 kids that happen to be in the living room…… while dinner is in the oven finishing up…..  I decided to sneak a peak at my emails…..

I have been very busy getting the garden done and helping some friends get their farm in order….  writing reviews…. I haven’t even had time to run a load in the washer…

And ever in the attempt to avoid the laundry….  I am sitting at the computer cleaning out the inbox….  it’s still work right?

Anyway, in my inbox there were reminders for the Schoolhouse Expo that is starting tomorrow!  I can hardly believe it!  It is here!

I was snooping around the Schoolhouse Expo page, looking at the speakers and deciding which of them were going to be MUST listens ( like sit in front of computer and take notes sort of listen) … and the ones that I can listen to with one ear while I do other things….

I stumbled upon the door prize list….  Have you seen this thing?

Normally I skip the door prize page….  As an independent contractor for TOS…  doing reviews….  I don’t get to play along during the give aways…  But for some reason today, I was just curious to see what it was they were giving away…….

All I can say is WOW!

One prize is a two night stay at Jenness  Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains…..  I was floored!  I used to do there for Winter Retreats when I was in High School Youth Group!  It is so beautiful up there.  The family that wins that prize will be blessed for sure!

There are High School Elective courses, give aways from colleges….Latin Curriculum’s, an IEW course (VERY VERY COOL!) … and the most amazing Map program I have ever used….. Wondermaps, from Bright Ideas Press.

I really think you should check out the prize list for yourself…. go to:

I hear there is going to be scavenger hunts in the Vendor Hall this year…. so make sure you add The Schoolhouse Expo website to your favorites list so you can get there FAST!
Don’t forget to “like” the Schoolhouse Expo page on FB …..  I know I stop by there during the Expo to talk about the great things that the speakers are saying. 

I really can’t wait to see you at the Expo tomorrow!

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