to market we go…..

 i told you that i had the shutter bug.  every where i go, i see things as if i am framing them for a shot.   it started at the farm…. and has spilled over into everything the last few weeks, including the weekly trip to the farmer’s market.

our local farmers market is one of my favorite places.  it’s quaint metal siding, and pole barn style, full of pickup trucks and people, beckon to me.  casual and unpretentious, it is a place teeming with energy.  it is vital and dynamic.  the ebb and flow of customers and conversation hold a rhythm all their own. 

it is a place where the homestead laborer, shakes hands with his customers, looks them in the eye….. AND….. knows their name……. 

…….a place where the words ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ are not pasted on hermetically sealed plastic bags, they are understood facts that require no label to confirm. 

it is not a place for cash registers and credit cards, you need only bring your crumpled, worn, and hard earned green backs to exchange for the fruit of another’s toil. 

it is a place were customer service is more than a kitchy term….  it is the life and breath of agrarian commerce.

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5 thoughts on “to market we go…..

  1. great pictures julie! what are those pink flowers?? me and cathi saw them and had no idea what they were… that bread stall is my favorite…their sicilian bread is amazing!!

    • Carrie… ( and Cathi ) :) they are Peonies. I love that bread stall and the other one too… the other one has gooey, yummy pastry type breads…. they are delicious!

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