The things I learn from my kids….


There are days that they make me laugh.  Some days I am in tears….  and other days I feel like I am plum losing my mind.

Having kids is such a roller coaster ride.  There are ups and downs even the occasional up-side-down moments with each and every one of them.  Though they come from the same genetic pool, each one of them is unique.  So I offer up a question to you, with all this unique-ness in your family, do you learn from your children?  I don’t mean learning in a way where you are being instructed by the child and the parent/child role is reversed.  I mean, because of your differences or similarities,  do you learn and grow as a parent from the way you interact with your children?

The age range of my children is wide.  I have Teenagers that are stretching their wings and testing the waters of independence, and a Toddler that is still wanting to have help zipping up his shorts.

I learn all the time from my Teens.  Sometimes I learn that I am a control freak and I need to step back and let them try things, fail at things, and succeed at things; on their own. Their dreams, hurts, and successes during these years are an essential part of who they will be as adults.  When I am especially control freakish, um… I mean, worried, God reminds me in my quiet time that I too was once this age, and while I spurned correction and guidance during those years, my children do not.  He leads me to parent with grace and not an iron fist.

My 8 year old, teaches me about imagination and curiosity.  This child has an imagination big enough for the entire neighborhood.  He is funny and frustrating all in the same breath.  He is always inventing something or pulling something apart to figure it out.  He is the reason there are pieces of VCR’s in the garage and skeletons of rollerblades in buckets…. Oy vey! With this child I have also learned that consistency is the key.  Short, direct instructions, and short consistent schooling moments.  If I am not consistent, he can be like trying to tame a tornado.

The little guy, he is 4, he teaches me joy, wonderment, togetherness.  As I type, he is behind me having an imaginary battle with lion and puppy beanie babies and a Clone War light saber from his Happy Meal.  He just wants to be around me, but thankfully not ON me at the moment.  He is lying on the cool kitchen floor content to just share some space with someone. I get so stuck in the schedules and to-do lists that I forget about just BEING somewhere with someone, and enjoying wordless company with them.

What have you learned from your children today?

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