Growing up

This morning, soon after he awoke, Hunter called me into his room.  He was lying on the top bunk, lazily wrapped in his blanket, and still stretching to greet the day.  He kept calling, “Mom!”…. “Mom!”  until I came to stand in the doorway to hear what he had to say.

I asked what? and he proceeded to weave the most adventurous tale.

He had been hired to work at an aquarium and instead of only wearing one oxygen tank as he worked, on this day he was told to wear two.  Then he was directed to go out into the open ocean to kill two sharks.  When he arrived at the sharks he killed one and that brought on a feeding frenzy ( I think he has been watching a little too much shark week!)  and then there was just blood and sharks everywhere.  He said that in addition to the harpoons they gave him, he was given some grenades.  So he used a grenade to kill all the sharks.  Then he harpooned all the dead sharks so they had their own tow ropes and he tied them onto his arms and swam back the aquarium with 15-20 dead sharks.  He went to the General Manager and told him that he had gotten him more sharks than he had bargained for.  As an after thought he told me that one of the sharks bit off his pinky finger in the frenzy, but the aquarium paid to have him get a robot pinky, so he could still work there.

Intense wasn’t it?

As I sit here with my coffee in the quiet of the afternoon pondering his retelling of the dream, the thing that strikes me the most was that he was so eager for me to hear it.  He was not going to be satisfied until he had told his mother about this amazing adventure.

I was reminded to make time to listen to my boys as they grow. I need to take the time to ask questions about the adventures their imagination takes them on.  In these moments I need to praise them for how they solved a problem, and let them know how strong they were as they fought dragons or monsters, and even slayed sharks to save the day.  It is good to remember their growing imagination, their sense of humor, even if it is all about farts and pit juice, is yet another sign of their growth and development.

Revel, savor, and indulge in the stage of life when your boys rush to share things with you. I am learning that with boys, this window of time disappears much sooner than a mother would like.  Eventually, Dad becomes cooler than Mom; soon friends, girls and cars win their attention, and even that is another part of growing up.

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