the card

I found it among a pile of papers on the piano.  Hastily gathered and set aside, on a day long ago.

As I cleaned today I came upon it as I was checking the pile for things to throw away. 


It was a birthday card.  Just like any other, on any given day, but today it was different…..I opened the card…..


Inside the familiar scrawling words brought tears to my eyes.  The card was written to my son, on the event of his 17th birthday.  It had a verse, and it was full of affirmation, and Godly encouragement to a young man who wants to serve God.

I cried.


I will miss that goofy left handed writing of his……

It was just a card…….  but today, it was somehow more.

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2 thoughts on “the card

  1. oh Julie! this is one of the FIRST things I knew i would miss! Ive gotten one of those cards every year for 17 years now…

    what a sweet treasure to find…

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