Lessons of a Cold Shower

Today I blew it.                           

I lost my temper.

I went to take a shower and there was no hot water.  Both my teens had been up and getting ready to be at church, a little early this morning…………. one of them is known to dawdle in the shower……. and by the time it was my turn in the shower………… it was cold.

I was NOT happy about it.

I should have let love cover it and not said a word.  Instead, I came out of the room shivering in my robe and proceeded to smarmily thank them both for leaving me such an abundance of warm water.

This snarky-ness did nothing to endear me to my children. They were just trying to get ready.  They both had a performance this morning and wanted to look extra clean, I guess.  I was replied to with equal snarky-ness from one of them….. to which I tossed out the obligatory “You better watch your mouth!”

I felt I was in the right.  I DO pay the water bill, this in my opinion entitles the adults who put the roof over their heads, warmth when showering…. Right?

Never mind the right-ness for the moment, my behavior stunk. It was evident that my heart was pretty grumpy and full of cutting words.

What do you do when you “blow it”?  When the realization hits, do you just slink into oblivion hoping that the kids wont remember the way that you behaved? (I guiltily raise my hand to having done that!)  Or do you go and ask their forgiveness?

I can hear some parents now, FORGIVENESS???????????  you want me to go and ask my kid for FORGIVENESS????????  yup.  I encourage you to.  You should be willing to say “I was wrong” to your children.  Simply and humbly coming to your child and stating how you were wrong and asking for their forgiveness, will go a long way in disciple-ing your child’s heart.  You will show a transparency that lets them know, you know, you are not perfect, but by Gods Grace and forgiveness you can start fresh, each time you mess up.

They will begin to see your Faith, as a relationship with the Lord, not just a bunch of rules you read about and perhaps hear about on Sunday morning, but never let penetrate your life and transform your behavior.  Kids can smell a hypocrite from 1000 yards.  Don’t be one.  Be Transparent and Humble.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go and ask for some forgiveness.


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