hard to believe

It really was yesterday, at least in my own mind, when he started Kindergarten.  It’s a bit surreal to say that he is a Senior in High School, and about to Graduate.

Part of me breathes a sigh of relief, that some of the hard part is over….. the other part of me approaches the pre-adult/adult years with some trepidation. ….  I start to wonder things like, “Will he come home for Christmas?”

For now we will just relish the last year of High School and all of the fun that it brings.  He decided that he wanted to be in the Yearbook, at the Public High School he takes Choir classes at this year………  so I drug out the 6th Child (my Nikon…) and started snapping away.

Here he is:  The Senior

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Love ya bud.  Have a great year!

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12 thoughts on “hard to believe

  1. I love the senior pictures! Your son is so handsome. I can not even imagine having a child who is a senior – though as quickly as the years seem to go by I know we will be there before we know it.

    Have a great weekend!

    Alicia from TOS Crew

  2. Great photos (is the old truck yours?) Put your mind at ease about will he come home for Christmas. My homeschooled cousin is a freshman in college this year–he’s already come home 3 times.

    • the truck lives in our neighbor’s backyard. the old tow truck one…. he hopped the fence and I hung over it and snapped away. it was quite ridiculous looking I am sure. The one with the rusted out bed is ours.

      and thank you for the reassurance of him returning home. I’m not sure i am really ready for him to be gone all day EVERY day…. gonna be weird not to hear him singing downstairs every night…

  3. I LOVE the first picture. I want one, please? He is so stinkin’ handsome I can hardly look long without tearing up! And, believe me- they DO come back, and often.

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