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In my life this week…

I had a birthday.  Away floated the 4-0 and bring on the 4-1.  The kids pretty much went the whole day without saying a word.  I pretty much thought they forgot and I actually found it rather humorous.  I was waiting for the look on their faces when they remembered.  My oldest son made me a video.  If we are friends on Facebook you can find it on my wall.  If we are not FB friends, we need to remedy that.

Hubby and I celebrated the day with a dinner out to Japanese, followed by dessert at our favorite Italian place.  We’re multicultural like that.

I was so full the skin across my stomach hurt.  But it was OOOOOO so worth every amazing bite.

In our homeschool this week…

It was pretty much work as normal.

For Hunter:  We are working through Math Mammoth 3A…. because ,well, we realized there are lots of holes in what we have been doing for math.  We have been working on some presidential copy work, practicing our cursive.  I have mom’s around here asking me if I have cursive resources, the schools here have quit teaching it.  shameful.

We also started Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day by Apologia.  We are learning how to write a paragraph for Language Arts….. so yeah…. pretty normal.

For Evan:  He is working on Excellence in Literature Unit 2: Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne.  He is helping me work on a TOS review, for this one.  He is plugging along in Algebra 2 even though he really wishes I would just end the ban on obtaining a drivers license until it is finished.  But I won’t.  He will finish that darn subject before he gets that license!!!!!

Tayler:   She  is plugging along in College, giving speeches and writing papers.  This last week we have been working on how to write a research paper for history class covering the Paleolithic, Meso-Sumerian, and Egyptian era’s and answering the question “Is religion related to social organization?” …..and not hyperventilateduring the process.  It is due this evening by 11:55 pm.  I am sure it will be wonderful.  Did you know they changed the meaning of BC to BCE?  and AD is now CE?  ridiculous.

The two big kids are going to be starting an SAT prep course this week as well.

Jeremiah:  More letter writing, and learning how to write our name on our own with ALL the letters.  right now he likes to drop the I and A.  He’ll get there. Smile

My favorite thing this week was…

It was my Birthday.  DUH!  my favorite-favorite, was my morning at the spa.  A mani-pedi while sipping tea, does a mommy good.

Things I’m working on…

Have I mentioned consistency?  Yeah.  It’s a mantra.

I’m cooking…

Lots of stuff this week for Teachers Toolbox Recipes.  If you don’t know what Teachers Toolbox is, click that tab up there and check it out.  So far I have made Harvest Veggie Soup, Crazy Cider, and Cheesy Zucchini.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I would put up that Video…. for now go to my wall and check it out.  I shall commence with a YouTube account (channel???)   shortly…..



See you next week!

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2 thoughts on “Birthday for mom

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! :-) So glad it was happy (and yummy! lol) :-)

    The schools around here have stopped teaching cursive handwriting, as well. I make sure that I teach it in our homeschool. Do they realize they are creating an entire generation of functional illiterates? What will these young people do when a professor writes on a board in cursive, or an employer leaves a memo on their desk and they can’t read it? It makes no sense.

    What also makes no sense is the “politically correct” BCE and CE. I refuse to use it.

    Sounds like a great week.
    Many blessings,
    Lisa recently posted..Homeschool Mother’s Journal- October 14thMy Profile

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