grown up time

Sometimes, it just must be done.  We must leave our children home, with capable care… and be ALONE.

We need to remember what it is like to eat and cut our own food, without cutting up food for 3 other people first.  We need to practice being able to eat a full meal without getting up to get a spoon, some water, or seconds for someone before we have eaten three bites.  We need to talk to each other with out hearing the interruptions of “mamma?”  and “daaaad?” as soon as we have gotten 3 sentences out. We need to hold hands, kiss on a moonlit night as we walk across the parking lot to the movies, and we need to take time to be silly with each other.  Remember how much fun it was to date?

I know times are tight but we can find creative ways to spend time with each other without breaking the budget.  Here are some ideas: For babysitting, swap time with another family….  they probably need time away just as much as you do.  Swap kids once a month and give each other the night off.  Go stargazing. Drop the kids at a friends house and come home to watch a movie and make popcorn.  Take a sunset walk.  Go to a park and swing on the swings….  Be creative!

Sometimes the best thing to do to help you be a great parent, is to invest in some time with your spouse, setting aside your mom and dad hats, and just enjoy some grown up time.


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3 thoughts on “grown up time

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  2. you are so right…you gotta take some time alone with spouse…. even if it’s just a walk or a drive. This time can be refreshing and we all need it.

    I’ve been married 37 years and we have to go on a date!!! On Saturdays I love quiet time in our Parlour, sipping coffee and talking about everything. Our home is seldom quiet with a granddaughter and daughter living with us these days. So we have to make time for one another and make it count.

    God bless you!
    deanna recently posted..Decorating On The Prairie: Coffee In The ParlourMy Profile

  3. This will sound a little lame but my hubby and I do the weekly shopping together and usually without children as a way to spend time together. Sometimes we add a lunch break.

    Before we had teens to babysit we would often rent a movie for us and one for the kids and let them watch theirs in another room so we could have a little inexpensive time together. To make it even more special we would get Chinese takeout.
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