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I stumbled onto a book the other day……  Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay and Sally Clarkson.


This is what I read from the website:

Educating the WholeHearted Child is about much more than homeschooling; it is about life. Effective Christian homeschooling must begin with the sure foundation of a Christian home.

That resonated with me.  In our house, homeschooling IS life.  It is what we do, how we behave, it is one of the major things that define our family.  Our goal is to have that strong foundation of the Lord.

….but homeschooling is hard too, anyone that says it is easy, might not be telling the truth! ….  and some days I just need to sit with a book and have some encouragement to hold onto.  I think this book might just be the ticket.  It so blesses me to read how other successful homeschoolers have survived!

I just wanted to share what I found with you, because maybe you have days that need encouragement too.

Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay and Sally Clarkson , is available directly from, for $22.00.

If, like me, you decide to go and get the book…. wander around the website for a bit.  It is FULL, I mean crammed full of great resources!

To read a review of this book you can visit the TOS Homeschool Crew Page.

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7 thoughts on “books about life

  1. I have been eyeballing this book in my cart on Amazon for quite some time…lol…it has been recommended in many resources…I need to order it…but I always have so many other things that seem more important…I am starting to think that some good reading material to sustain this homeschooling mama through the tough days, weeks or months would probably be a good purchase to make…lol

    • I think if it were in Kindle I probably would have snapped it up… I did just get an Amazon Gift Card though, and maybe this is just where I should use it :) Thanks for the reminder about getting it there too!

      i think i will need it through the winter months when it is sooo cold here we can’t go outside and we all get a little nuts :) maybe if mommy stays a bit more sane, the kids might have half a chance :)

      • Do you love your Kindle? I have been trying to decide if I NEED one…lol…I know I want one…then I see that they are coming out with a color screen now for twice the price…always gotta make you want more…I think I would read more books…there are times I don’t order a book cuz of the hassle of waiting…and I talk myself out of it. Couple questions, can you share books with others and also, where else can you buy books besides amazon? Thanks much!!!

        • Yes! I love my Kindle, way more than I thought i would. and I am drooling over the new on they just released. I think the color and ability to quickly resize something you are reading will be an improvement. I have found SOOOO many books that we use for homeschooling available for free through amazon. My library has a way that i can “borrow” new books from them via my Kindle… So you must be able to share books. I think there is a way to do it with other people that are registered with Amazon or would have access to your Amazon account, and anything you download to your computer,would be available to share.

          As for where to get books besides amazon, I get them from Gutenberg press and other internet sites… and my library. any PDF if downloadable as well, so all those “homeschool” PDF’s you have you can now read away from the computer.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me…I have another question, if you don’t mind, not about either of the previous topics…this is only my 2nd year homeschooling…last year was kind of a disaster, mostly cuz of curriculum and I had a new baby. This year, I wanted more of a Charlotte Mason style and I order Heart of Dakota. While I love many things about this, I keep looking at Ambleside Online and Simply Charlotte Mason. I have many concerns about “winging” it. I am not very good at implimenting projects and fun things on my own, so I worry we wouldn’t do a whole lot there if it isn’t scheduled. Also, I worry that if I have to schedule all of the books, we will slowly just not do them. I hate the “grass is always greener” feeling in the homeschooling world. I would like to find some things I love and not hunt for everything every year. I guess it isn’t that I dislike HOD, I just wonder about things like being able to school cheaper and having the flexibility to add or take away without feeling guilty cuz I paid so much for it. But the thought of scheduling all the subjects myself, scares me a little, okay a lot…and maybe our school wouldn’t be so fun, cuz mom is lame and doesn’t have the time to come up with projects…we have dropped parts of HOD…we aren’t doing the Drawn Into The Heart Of Reading…it was taking the fun out of readint these great books…didn’t know if it was important to do such a structured reading program. We also are not using the math and language and I have thot I would like to do my own bible as well…but it is the history, science, art and geography that scare me to try to wing it…sorry for the babbling, hope this all made sense and I hope it was okay to ask you. I am just looking for some insight and after seeing what you were using, thot I would ask. Thank you so much for your precious time. HUGS!!!

    • Years with new baby’s can be “disasters” it is hard to be hands on with one while eternally attached to another :) I hear ya! I will honestly admit to you that i know very little about HOD except to say that it is all lesson planned out for you. My familiarity comes from Ambleside Online, and I should probably go investigate Simply Charlotte Mason. As for AO….. I live at that site. I will email you so that we can have a much more specific conversation about grade levels and possible ways to go for math and science. Scheduling subjects doesn’t have to be hard. Not everything has to be done on all the days. I can help you with that as well. With AO you don’t have to schedule EVERYTHING by yourself…. there are 36 week schedules there for you to use. But I know the feeling of looking at these big lists and wondering how it is actually going to work out.

      Ok…. I will email you and we can get a bit more specific. :)

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