how to get them to eat what YOU want them to

  This and other advice for picky eaters……


Jeremiah is my picky guy. He doesn’t like the words: Lunch and Dinner.  So, to worm my way around him balking at the word…. we call things Not Dinner, and Not Lunch.  Here he is having a Not Lunch of Cranberries on a Log. This is right after he had told me he was only going to eat cereal for his lunch.  I calmly made celery with PB…. set it down with the cranberries and walked away.  The prospect of playing with his food was too much to resist….. he came over and mommy won the nutritional battle.   He gets the bowl and can control how many berries and their precise placement, upon said log… This affects the taste greatly as many moms know…

Sometimes a Not Dinner for him will be left over chicken pulled into small pieces, a cheese stick a few crackers, and a banana.  Sometimes a Not Dinner is just separating out the food we are eating that night in the form of a casserole, but keeping his as individual items…  a pile of rice, a pile of broccoli, a pile of cheese, and the sauce to dip it in.

We have found that giving him a little bit of control over HOW he eats what we tell him he must…. keeps meal time meltdowns to a minimum.

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