Quiet Time

Have you ever had to give yourself a TIME OUT?

Right now, as I type, I can feel my blood pressure rising.  I have a deadline, and I have already missed it.  Kids are running around an being kids behind me…..  Nothing great or chaotic, just normal boy kid noise.

I am not feeling particularly patient with it this evening.  I need quiet.  Solitude even.

Every-so-often, I get thoughtful, almost morose. I feel like I have no joy, nothing left to give.  Empty.

I know I can’t be the only parent that feels this way from time to time.  Maybe it is the endlessly mundane chores that go along with  motherhood, maybe it’s the lack of recognition….. I mean, that’s what the world around me says.

Still, when I am like this, I know I need to turn to God.  I am empty because I haven’t been focusing on Him, I have drifted away.  I feel like I have nothing left to give because I haven’t spent still, quiet, intimate time with my King.

I encourage you friend, when you feel overwhelmed by the mundane, under-appreciated, all around sort of blah….. to spend time curled up with Jesus.  Read the Good Book, which is so much more than a good book, it is nourishment for a weary soul.

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