Heaven Help this Home!

Today we went to the library, it was having one of those quarterly book sales where they sell books at a ridiculous price of $0.25.  I never have been able to resist 25 cent books. 

Among the piles I found a treasure.  One I had read long ago and despite the 1970’s cover art, is still relevant today.  I grabbed it, knowing it was a gem and would refer to it often.  Heaven Help the Home! by Howard G. Hendricks is very worth your time if you happen across a copy. 

Heaven Help the Home

I was flipping through looking for something to jump out at me, and I stumbled upon this passage.

“My friend’s experience forces a question:  how can you communicate convictions to your children in such a way that those conviction become not simply second hand ( as with my nurse friend) but their personal property (as with Joseph)? 

There are two side to convictions: negative and positive, the problems and the principles.  I would encourage you to sit down together as a couple and think through your convictions in terms of what you want to communicate to your children.”

I would like to stand here before you and tell you I have this part all figured out.  I would say that up until a few months ago, I thought I had a fairly good handle on it.  I mean we homeschool right?  so, really what big things do we have to worry about….??

Well, truth is, lots.

The heart of a child belongs to that child.  As I am given free will, so are my children.  My job is to grow them up in an environment that is honoring to God, to teach, to train, to be intentional.  To impress upon them the need for developing a relationship with God, for themselves. 

Sit with your spouse.  Plan.  Discuss.  Start young.  Stay consistent.  Above all Pray separately, and as a couple.  Pray for your children.  That they would remain humble before God as they grow into the teen years and beyond. 


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