Hazards of Dressing in the Dark

This morning, I got up a bit late to drive my older two to their classes.  I ended up in one of the hippest outfits I have ever created, unintentionally of course.  It was freezing this morning so upon rising,  I pulled on my teal robe and in the dark groped for a pair of sweats.  Seizing a familiar material I put them on and padded over to the closet and put on my slippers; headed for the hall closet to get my overcoat.  …….Then I looked down. 

My pants were purple….  not to  mention my hair was standing out at weird angles and my eye make up from last night sort of made me look like the guy from Alice in Chains.  Trust me when I tell you that my fuzzy cuffed gloves just made the outfit!

….but isn’t that sort of what mommy hood is like?  Getting the job done,  thinking you have it all together, and then wham, you look down and you are wearing purple pants.

Life is unexpected, it happens.  We can freak out, or roll with it.  Today, I laughed it off….  Joked with my hubby when he came out and met me at the coffee pot.  I told him I was HAWT.  (more the sweaty pre-menopausal kind, and much less the next top model kind.)  He tried to say smokin’ hawt with a straight face…..  he “lost it” in gales of laughter before he could get the sssss out.  Smile

Some days I don’t laugh it off so well.  I get hurt.  I take it personally when an expectation I had was not met.  Sometimes I wrestle with feeling like a failure.  Just as my purple pants outfit was not an accurate reflection of who I am, neither are these thought that sometimes capture me.

Jesus tells us to cast all our cares upon Him. Some times I need some purple pants moments to remember where I need to focus.  I need to not sweat the small stuff, and just keep focused on the task. 

I need to spend time with Jesus each day and set my thoughts to who He says I am.  I am His daughter, a princess, an heir thru grace…. 

{no teens were embarrassed in this unfortunate clothing calamity…  I stayed in the truck, I promise.}

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