We are back to classical composers this week.  Starting off fresh with good old Ludwig.  Which leads me to a question….  Why do we pronounce his name  Bay-toe-ven….  when it is spelled Beet-hoven?  Ok, those are some of the random thoughts that plague me from time to time.  Aren’t you glad I shared?

A few weeks ago our library had a book sale and like any good homeschooling family we trolled the place for stuff we could use.  We found a great little book by Pam Brown on Ludwig van Beethoven was just the type of thing we were looking for.  So we snapped it up for the bargain basement price of $0.25. 

This week we learned that Beethoven, like Mozart, was from a family of musicians.  In fact, Johann his father, wanted to parade Ludwig around Europe as the next great Mozart. He played his lessons for hours each day.  People often saw him weeping from weariness as he played.  He was taken from school when he didn’t perform very well and was made to concentrate on music all the more.

His mother was a sickly woman and had trouble caring for her family as she should have.  Ludwig often wore shabby clothes as a child and probably didn’t have too many baths.  His father was known to drown his sorrows and perceived failures in a bottle of drink.

Despite all of the difficulties Ludwig was learning to love music.

Hopefully next week’s reading will be slightly less…. tragic.

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