More Beethoven

I feel a bit like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland today.  I have had a case of Life Happens over here and I have been rushing around, feeling very behind on my growing list of things to do.  I sort of forgot that it was Thursday. 

Hopefully you will forgive my lateness and join in and share how you are studying your way through the composers.

As I suspected, this week’s reading was slightly less melancholy, with the exception of how his father and teacher would come home drunk, roust Ludwig out of bed and set him to playing music lessons through the night.  I like my sleep.  The thought of children being woken needlessly makes me sad.

Did you know they changed Beethoven’s age?  His father pronounced him two years younger than he was, so people would marvel at his amazingness.  By the age of 14 he was to be the sole support of the family.

So, how does it go with your composer?

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