Truly give thanks

Public Service announcement:  Thanksgiving is Thursday.  (Just incase you forgot.) P.S.  You should start thawing your Turkey now.

For those of us in the USA our Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  I challenge you, on this day of thanks to take the time to BE thankful.  Often we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of cooking the meal, or preparing for the sales the next day….  and we forget to pause and notice the things we are truly thankful for.

Last year we were in New York City for Thanksgiving Day.  We started the day with a parade, and we ended it in a little restaurant, on the top floor.  As the day faded, and our weariness was lifted by a good meal and the ability to SIT.  We went around the table and we shared some of the things we were thankful for.  It was an amazingly special ending to the day.

I challenge you to start now, thinking of the things your are thankful for.  Maybe encourage your family members to do the same and when you come together as a family, via Skype, or in the living room…..Sit awhile, share with each other the things that you are grateful for and begin a new tradition in the years to come.

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