Snow People

Ever wonder what to do with those harvest pumpkins that you get each year?  Well I have a craft for you that will use those pumpkins all the way through January.

You will need 3 baby pumpkins of varying sizes.  White, black orange, and pink acrylic paint some buttons, an old shirt or cloth, and a hot glue gun.

I started by breaking off the pumpkin stems, and painting the pumpkins white.  I did half at a time and let them dry well between coats. 

To assemble, I hot glued the pumpkins together, and fashioned a hat out of a piece of cloth. I just cut a strip of cloth for the scarf.  Glue on the buttons, paint the face and you have a cute pumpkin snow person that will make you smile all Christmas and into January.

I keep mine on a small paper plate. That way if they do begin to mold they won’t mar the furniture.

Have fun with this great easy craft!

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