Day 9



The waking report:  not too bad today.  No major aches and pains.  I was up early (since starting this regime I have been pretty exhausted so I have slept till 9) at 6:45, which meant I was able to work out earlier, and get more done…  this is all a good thing.

The eating report:  Last night I ate my first nasty food.  I decided to have breakfast for dinner since I was eating a bit late, and I subjected myself to these soy sausage patties. There is a reason that soy and sausage should not be in the same sentence.  Next time I think I will just eat a homemade sausage patty.  That way the meat is 1. identifiable and 2. I know where it was grown. 

In other food news, I really miss sweets.  My fat tooth   I mean, sweet tooth, is hankering for chocolaty, gooey deliciousness.  Last night some strawberries with dinner staved off a grazing run through the cupboards….. this coupled with 1 yes 1 and only 1 piece of chocolate that is worth savoring for a few minutes, has helped me stay on track.

Workout DVD:  Plyometrics….  aka…. the DVD from HELL.

  1. The second week in, this is still the mother of all work outs.  The evil, wicked stepmother of workouts.
  2. I sweat more today doing this one than I think I did all of last week.
  3. I almost cussed. twice.
  4. While I do enjoy the squats, jumps, and jumping jacks….. they are hard to do with out this overriding thought screaming through my mind for the entire workout,…….  Don’t! Pee! Down! Your! Leg!!!!!
  5. scales are evil and should not be trusted.
  6. I am secretly afraid I will still be fat, just muscly fat for the wedding.  The slim quick commercial about loosing 25 lbs. was taunting me during late night TV.
  7. I would like to know who took my ability to jump and hid it.  I would like to have it back please.

Goal:  Be able to jump and bring my knees into the air… like all of my children seem to be able to do with great ease.

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3 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. What does Plyometrics even mean?? And the only really good vegetarian “meats” seem to be made by Morningstar. (Vegetarian Corinne has tried them all!) Don’t you love seeing the changes start happening in your brain too, not just your body, as you retrain it on what-is-good-food? Go Julie!!

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