Day 22

Well, here I am….  still standing upright and ready to take on week 4 of P90X.  Four weeks ago, I am not sure I could have told you I would have made it this far.  There were moments of soreness that I didn’t think I would work through, The last three weeks have been hard, harder than almost anything I have ever done before. Now I am beginning to be curious….  curious about where this will go,  what changes will continue to happen….  The curiosity keeps me going…  Hopefully it won’t do to me what it did to the cat.

This week is my “recovery” week.  I put the word recovery in quotations, because there really isn’t anything recovering about it.  Recovering means that you are lying on a beach chair with your toes lazily drifting through the sand……….  the P90X version of recovery means that you don’t lift weights…. just the whole weight of all your fatness, into positions that only snakes were meant to hold.

Today was Yoga.  You already know my feelings about that DVD and despite it’s being a lot harder than it sounds…..  it is one of the sweatiest workouts.  It is hard work holding all 200 pounds of yourself on one leg or arm.  It was hard to do Yoga today, I seemed to have a bit less stamina on some of the exercises than I have had in the past three weeks, probably because my legs were still recovering from doing legs and back at the end of the week.  Maybe by the time I do Yoga again this week, my stamina will be back.

Tomorrow I do a workout called Core Synergistics.  By the looks of the exercises…it is going to be something like Yoga on crack.  They really need to work up some more positive sounding names for these things…. One exercise is called Prison Cell push-ups……..  not looking forward to those.

I think that tomorrow might hurt.

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2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Oh I sympathize with the pain! The only thing that helps me is telling myself that the pain I feel means I’m changing things for the better. —well, that and ibuprofen!

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