Day 26

So I am sitting here in the parking lot of my child’s physical therapy appt… multitasking to the inth degree.

My sides are sore today. That good kind of sore; the I did lots of yard-work sort of sore.

The workouts this week have been interesting. I started with YogaX this week and moved on into Core Synergistics. I was right about that one,  It was yoga on crack.  Prison cell push-ups are as bad as I thought they would be, but sphinx push ups are worse…. and I promise you, banana rolls are evil.

My other new DVD this week is Stretch X,…. it might just be my new favorite. Calm, soothing…. no sweating… just relief for those achy muscles, with slow stretching…

Week 4 has been hard, but I can really feel the strength changes in my abdomen and back. Changes for the better………….

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