Day 31

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That’s right……..  I have made it over 30 days in this program.  Pardon me while I enjoy a well deserved bow. I am down a pant size, and my clothes just lay a bit nicer, if you know what I mean. 

These workouts are not for the faint of heart.  My children, who are more physically fit than I am, will not…. make that can not do them with me.  Tayler tried to do some Yoga with me on Saturday; she gave up and called it evil after the first 5 moves.  Evan, he just walked in with a mouth full of chocolate birthday cake, kept chewing and said, “that looks uncomfortable.”  ……It is a very good thing that I couldn’t really breathe or speak just then, trust me, my thoughts were not nice.

These workouts have reminded me that I do indeed have muscles underneath all this padding, and if they are given the right encouragement they will awaken and be of use again.

Today’s DVD:  Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab RipperX

  1. I pretty much thought we were done with weird push-ups.  I was wrong. very wrong.
  2. I saw my first real person (not one that was carved out of cream cheese) on today’s DVD.  She was on FIT looking 50 something lady!
  3. I did most of my push-ups today on my toes….  this is a huge improvement.  Up till now, I have been a knee cheater.
  4. This DVD will seriously rid anyone of those bye-bye arms/ bingo wings…  (julie, I love, love, LOVE that new term!)
  5. Slow pushups are near murderous.  One handed ones?  Those are for the criminally insane.  I cheated and did those on my knees.
  6. Lots of weight exercises today.  I am sort of walking around now all puffed up feeling…  just don’t ask me to lift anything heaver than a sauce pan…. 

In much more exciting news, the carbs are back in town.  Glorious, delightful, delicious carbohydrates are back in my diet.  I will again be able to enjoy pasta, bagels, tortillas, popcorn, hummus, muffins…..  Yes, I am even excited about the ability to eat oatmeal for breakfast, so excited I ate it for breakfast today.  Lunch was a delightful shrimp pasta, and Dinner will be a lean hamburger patty, salad, baked potato…. dessert of fresh berries.

I will close with a few pictures…  just to keep it real and let you know that hard work does pay off. 


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