By God’s Great Grace


There is a sweet story… one that shares love and hope throughout the ages…. the greatest story ever told… about Jesus the Son of God, come to earth, to live among his people…..

This is the story that Classical Academic Press tells in their Bible course God’s Great Covenant… New Testament 1 The Gospels.

I am in love with the story of Jesus and how the history of the Old Testament foretells and heralds His arrival. If the whole picture of Scripture is new to you or your child, I heartily recommend that you read all of the introductions in this course. Classical Academic Press has done a wonderful job of connecting the dots through their historical, political, chronological,geographical,and religious introductions.  They even give a glimpse of daily life as you meet Simon, a fictional boy in a fictional town in Israel.


Each unit weaves through the major themes of each gospel. covering it from historical, cultural, chronological perspectives.  Even though this book is the 3rd in a series,  it stands alone quite well.  You do not need to complete the first two editions to benefit from this study……  but the quality of research that has gone into this curriculum, makes me want to go back to the other two and fill in some of the blanks.

The Teachers edition is simply amazing. The research and background included with each lesson and story time pages, help you enrich the learning beyond what your student  would read independently. I really recommend that the bulk of this curriculum be read together, otherwise you might miss some great nuggets of information. Photobucket

As you can see there are numbered footnotes, and plenty of spaces for you to write your notes.  The Teacher’s Edition also contains the answers to all of the worksheets and Mapping activities.

There is virtually no prep time needed for this curriculum, beyond reading through the material ahead of time to grasp the notes and research that has been provided, before you read the selected passages with your child.

Hunter has really enjoyed our time working with this book.  He has one and so do I, so we sit at the table and share the reading.  We then discuss what we read, then work on memorizing the main themes and passages for that lesson .  The worksheets are helpful in re-enforcing the material, but the bulk of learning is done through a narrative approach.

God’s Great Covenant: New Testament is geared for the children in the 3rd or 4th grades, but it can be easily adjusted for use with younger or older children. 

The Student Book is priced at $26.95.  Teachers Edition is $29.95.  Combined you can purchase them for $56.95, and that includes an Audio Book download. ( which is great for those days when you need them to read a little bit on their own! )   Make sure you stop by their website to see all of the books in the God’s Great Covenant Series, as well as the additional teaching resources that are available for it.

Other members of The TOS Homeschool Crew reviewed this product in their homeschools, to read all of the reviews please visit the Crew blog.

****** Disclaimer*******

As a Member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received the God’s Great Covenant : New Testament Bundle, free of charge, and solely for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation has been received.  All of the above opinions of this product were based on our family use of it in our homeschool setting.


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2 thoughts on “By God’s Great Grace

  1. The course sounds amazing! I love reading NT studies in light of the OT. Another book that follows that theme, that is great for pre-school aged children is The Jesus Storybook Bible. God’s Great Rescue Plan is shown in all of the OT stories they feature–and done so well, I re-read it myself at times, just to be reminded of the simple beauty of God’s Story.

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