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I love Libraries.

I love the smell of paper as it ages in a book. I love the quiet hum of adventure that I feel when we walk into our local library. If I had a million dollars, I can envision a room in my home with walls lined from floor to ceiling; containing good wholesome books for my children to read. I would pass hours, if not days, there…… tucked under blankets, sprawled across sofas and wing backed chairs, traveling to places that only my imagination can go.

Trouble is, books cost money and for many homeschooling families, like mine, that live on a budget, cost is the single most prohibitive part of building that cozy homeschool library that lives in my mind.

That is why I would like to share with you a website; one that hopes to help me build that library of my dreams. Photobucket They offer quality new and used living books, at bargain prices. I can search by curricula, and find books for Five in Row, Tapestry of Grace, Beautiful Feet, Sonlight, Ambleside Online ( that’s the one we use!) and more. They have a wide selection of Vintage & Hard to Find Books, to compliment your child’s learning. I really enjoyed looking around their website. It was easy to use, and very easy for me to find many of the books I have spent HOURS online looking for in the past.

Their newsletter, is short and too the point. It isn’t overly cluttered with information making it hard to see what it is you might want to know more about. Best of all, IT’S FREE! They included a free e-book and activities to do with your kids during the month, along with a bit of encouragement.

With their FREE Membership, I have the opportunity to earn book points and stretch my homeschool dollar. I receive notification of great sales, before they happen, which is important to families that have a budget. I have access to their book search feature for help in finding that hard to locate book. There is also a way for me to bless others, I can buy from their Helping Hands section, and part of the proceeds will be given to Compassion International.

I hope that you will stop by Homeschool Library Builder in the month of May to receive 25% off everything in the entire store, and start building your library today!

**** Disclaimer *****

This review was written as a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. I received access to Homeschool Libraries Newsletter in advance of their May Sale. I was also offered a promotional code to use for an additional discount should I choose to purchase a product from their website.(though not required as part of this review) … All for sharing my opinion about their website with you. No compensation or physical product has been received for this review.

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One thought on “Building your homeschool library

  1. First of all, I’m with you 100% in the love of libraries. As far as good books for a good price, if anyone is in the Harrisburg, PA, or the State College, PA, area, this coming weekend is THE weekend for book sales. The annual CHAP convention of Christian homeschoolers is this weekend in Harrisburg, and they feature a used curriculum sale. And, in State College, the AAUW is sponsoring their annual book sale. Never have I seen so many books on sale in one place before! They lay out over 250 tables of used books–and a lot of them are $1.00 or less. They have almost any genre you could want, plus there is ice cream on sale outside! Who could ask for more :)

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