Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day.

A day dedicated to memories. ~~ specifically memories of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice~~ life.

The Bible says : ” No greater love has a man,that he lay down his life for another.”

I think that days like today are very difficult on our Veterans, and even those who are currently serving actively in our armed forces.  I know that Vet’s have a day set aside for us to honor them, but today is the day they honor those who stood next to them…… and didn’t come home.

My husband has the heart of a warrior. Some days he struggles with leaving that warrior at the battle field, and that warrior inside him aches for those who have fallen. He has served his country in two war zones, and he has been places and seen things, he is unable to articulate.  These things haunt him in the quiet of the night.  Today is a day he is quiet and pensive. He looks off into the distance; remembering.

This morning as we were praying together, he thanked God for those who had given their all; even to their last breath, for this and other countries.  They fought, not only to preserve the freedoms we have come to hold dear here in the USA, but they go to foreign countries to help other people fight for that basic human desire -freedom.  Many have died in wars that were not ours to fight, but we fought, because freedom is worth fighting for.

I don’t know how many men my husband has seen die.  I do know it is not something he likes to remember.  Some were his friends, others acquaintances, some just brothers in desert colored camo…… but each one of them was a soul, loved and prayed for by friends and family back home.  Each one of them will be carried in the heart of my husband for the remainder of his days.

So today, let’s remember…..  Freedom isn’t free.  It must always be sacrificed and fought for….. for some, even to the point of death.

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3 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2012

  1. Can I ask a question? As a little girl, I remember being taught that we needed to say, “Thank you,” anytime we had the chance to a veteran who had served our country. And, I have tried to express my thanks in whatver ways I can. But, I find it is often awkward to say the words, “Thank you,” somewhat randomly in conversation with someone I don’t know. If it were only my awkwardness, I wouldn’t mind so much. But, I fear it causes the person I am talking to to feel awkward. And that is something I don’t want to do. From you and your husband’s point of view, what is the best way I can express my unending gratitude? What can I do for you, your husband, and all the other soldiers I have the privilege of meeting or getting to know?

    • I teach my children the same. We try to say “thank you” even to daddy on the days that we have set aside as a nation to honor them.

      Since my husband is here, I thought I would ask him his thoughts on your questions

      Here is what Big Daddy had to say:

      “I can tell you from a combat Veteran’s perstpective that it is sometimes quite “awkward” from our end as well! For most of us (those that I know anyway), it’s not awkward in the sense of someone walking in on us while we’re on the throne….but more as if we are suddenly taken from where we are and pulled forward into some perverbial “spotlight”…….or thrust onto Center-stage without warning. Most of “us” have joined the military out of a sense of duty and honour… give back to Our country (the Citizenry that is) for what we have, not for what we “expect”! True “servitude” is a very humble quest. Most of us feel awkward due to humility rather than anything else. To see someone “calling themselves out” and/or saying “look what I did” nulifies what should be a noble cause; service to the Citizens of Our country in order to protect and defend our Representative Republic and All she stands for….even to the point of death, if necessary!

      There have been some at our church; for instance, that have sent or given us cards throughout the year, thanking us (yes, I did say us. From my perspective, those “left behind” have a far more difficult time than those of us in combat. Our job is to keep our butts down, powder dry and come home in one piece. Those still at home must “carry on”….keeping the ship afloat without a much needed crewman!) with a card, just to say thank you. Other times, they may stick a gift card in with it so my Bride and I may have a “big people” dinner…….LOL

      In short, may I assist you with this:
      A simple, “Thank You for your Service” is likely the best way to express your gratitude.
      Nothing more (for myself anyway) is really needed. If is seems rather awkward afterward, nothing else really need be said. It is probably because they weren’t expecting someone to say it. If it’s not awkward and they are engaging, perhaps actually take a few minutes out of your “busy” day to have a conversation with them.”

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