Looking ahead……

A new year is just around the corner.  On Tuesday I will wake up and it will be the year 2013.  The 42nd year of my life, my 19th year as a mother, my 17th as a wife.

Maybe it is the uncertainty that is looming around our housing situation, maybe it is just a side effect of getting older, but I find myself being rather pragmatic about the coming year. Especially with concern to my goals.  I don’t want them to be whimsical or unattainable.  I want them to be achievable and celebrate-able.

So I will start with one thing; becoming healthier. The skinny girl that lives in my head can no longer ignore the fat girl that is pressing on the seams of my jeans. It is time for the skinny girl to work her tail off and reclaim her rightful spot on the outside.  In February last year she visited for 30 days, and it is time for her to come to stay.

I invite you to join me, for the entire sweaty, embarrassing, real life journey to reach my goal of becoming the healthier version of that me I remember.

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2 thoughts on “Looking ahead……

  1. Oh my, I am so totally with you. I’m 54, and I’m on my journey. I’m not photographing my fat quite so revealingly, but I’m with you on the journey. I’m even preparing my blog story, although it is still in draft format not quite ready yet for publishing. I’ll try to get back to you with it.

    You should totally start a weekly check-in meme with a linky that people can link weekly blog post updates…

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