The measuring……. and the beginning…..

I used to think that the only thing that the only evil thing lurking in my home was my bathroom scale.  Alas, I was wrong.  There is something more evil, more humbling, more revealing…….the measuring tape.

This one has harmlessly sat in a drawer for years; today it emerged to mock me.

In my last P90X adventure I relied on the evil bathroom scale.  It never moved.  I worked my rear and abs off for 35 days and it only moved down by 5 lbs, and that was for only ONE, yes ONE!, day.  I hate that scale.

This time around I have determined to ignore the scale….  to stick with reality, so I broke out my measuring tape.  The P90X booklet has a handy-dandy spot on page 16 where it tells you what part of your 2000 parts to measure and right were to wrap the tape. 

So, in an effort to keep it real; humiliatingly real, here are my numbers.

Weight:  250 lbs.  ( e-gads that is a tough number to type, I am 25lb heaver than when I began last Feb and made it 35 days)

Chest: 47” (around the girls)

Waist:  45”  (can anyone say Santa belly?)

Hips: 50” (where is the wide load sign?)

Right Thigh: 25”  ( This is probably supposed to be someone’s waist number”)

Left Thigh: 26” ( Not sure why this side is bigger…)

Right and Left Arm: 15”  ( measured flexed, at the peak of my biceps….. so yes this measurement of the “guns” includes the bingo arm flap too)

There they are, in black and white….. the beginning numbers for this installment of torture P90X.

With any luck I will look like the girl on the left sometime before my birthday in October.  Ok, maybe not…. but I would certainly like to see that 50 inch waist reduced by a considerable amount.

Today’s workout DVD : Yoga X

1. It was just as terrifying as I recalled it being.

2. My body remembered a few things, but there is much improvement to be made.

3. The boys did a few of the poses with me….Jeremiah, kicked my tail on the abs portion.

4. Tomorrow morning is going to hurt.


Get out of bed and workout tomorrow despite the protests of every muscle in my body

*****on a random side note…… I bought some yoga pants to work out in……..  where have these wonderful things been all my life?  They are amazing! So comfy! When I am a millionaire, I will buy you all a pair!

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2 thoughts on “The measuring……. and the beginning…..

  1. haaahaha….yoga pants made me laugh….they really ARE the best!! im completely cheerleading your journey and if it works for you i MIGHT be presuaded to do the same :) :)

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